ABOUT ADCRAFT In 1989 Adcraft Advertising Productions was established to produce artwork and production materials for the Advertising Industry. We are the creative art departments for advertising agencies, direct mail marketing firms and the production departments for designers and printers. We produce catalogs, direct mail, monthly publications, stationery, business forms, newsletters, logo design, illustration, copywriting and photography.

WHERE WE BEGAN Prior to opening our doors, our staff worked for Long Island based community newspapers utilizing the most advanced techniques for page layout and page production. Quark Xpress and Adobe lead the way.

Many of the "old hats" in the business made it hard for some of us "new comers" to step foot in the art department with our new fangled machines. Some of us even traveled with backpack-like devices to carry our Macs to work, just as we carried our favorite rapidograph pens just a few years earlier. Apple Macintosh had just replaced their Mac Plus 64k computers with Motorola's SE and SE30 Chips, promising to be the finest graphic production equipment since compugraphic typesetters. We saw the future and knew these machines would change the face of the advertising industry forever. It seemed to us, there was no reason why we could not get started.

WHAT MAKES Adcraft Advertising Productions THE BEST CHOICE FOR GRAPHIC DESIGN AND PRODUCTION? We were there from the beginning, at the right time, in the right place. We already had experience from the old master's and had no fear of learning how to use a computer. The combination of techniques allowed for great results at a fraction of the cost. We like to say here at Adcraft, Inc. "We set type the old fashioned way... we kern it"